Barrie Roofing Services

Our team is here to serve you with prompt, reliable and efficient services within reasonable prices and your approved budget. Our professional roofers are fully trained to identify, diagnose and repair any issues with your commercial or residential roofing system. We are able to address the most common issues such as leaks, poor ventilation and improper installation. We are also available for emergency repairs during the worst of weather and can respond to your needs quickly and professionally.

What type of roof is best for hot climate?

We can provide high-performance Flat Roofing for your Barrie home or business to save you money on energy costs and protect the environment. This type of roof reflects heat and acts as an insulator to keep your home or building at the perfect temperature. This will help you reduce your air conditioning and heating costs as well as prevent ice build-up at the eaves during periods of extreme cold.

We can also install board and batten siding in Barrie for your home to add curb appeal and enhance your property’s appearance. In addition, we can replace eavestroughs to ensure that your home is protected from water damage and keeps rainwater out of the house. Our team is proud to offer all of these roofing services to our valued customers in the Barrie area.