Car Park Deck Coating

car park deck coating

Car park deck coating is a crucial part of protecting multi-storey parking structures, whether new constructions or refurbishments. It protects the concrete deck from water ingress and the associated damage to the structure, it prevents chemical contamination from damaging the steel reinforcing and it ensures a durable surface for cars to move across. A high-quality protective system should be able to provide both extreme impact abrasion resistance and slip resistance.

Concrete is very porous, allowing water to penetrate and degrade the structure over time. This can accelerate the deterioration of the concrete, leading to structural failure and rusting of steel reinforcing. A robust protective system is therefore essential for car park structures, especially basement and underground car parks.

Polyurethane traffic deck systems are the ideal solution. The elastomeric properties allow the membrane to stretch with the concrete and bridge cracks. This also helps limit moisture and chloride ingress, which can be particularly significant in older concrete.

Coating Confidence: Choosing the Right Car Park Deck Coating for Long-lasting Protection

In addition, these systems are often textured using aluminum oxide or bauxite aggregates to enhance slip resistance. This helps to prevent tyre squeal, which can be very irritating for drivers. This is particularly important on ramps and tight-turning areas of multi-story car parks.

The use of these systems can significantly extend the lifespan of the parking structure and help minimise the costs of maintenance. However, a thorough professional condition survey is always required to determine the exact nature and extent of the existing damage to the concrete deck. This should be completed prior to the application of any surface treatment, so that the best possible system can be specified.