Best Marketing Campaign 2021

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Whether it’s a new iPhone or an old favorite, the best marketing campaigns for 2020 will balance boldness with execution. These brands will make a lasting impression on consumers by bridging the gap between their brand values and audience interests. Here are five of the most successful campaigns from the year. Read on to learn more about each and how it can inspire your own advertising campaign. In the age of clickbait and content-based news, people crave authentic connections with brands.

How to Choose Best Marketing Campaign 2021

best marketing campaign 2021

Airbnb’s marketing strategy was unusual, to say the least. While spending cuts during the Covid conference had little impact on its traffic, the company spent the last few years building its brand and educating its customers. In February of this year, Airbnb released its first full-scale brand marketing campaign in five years. The ad featured real photos taken by their guests and featured new executions on a regular basis. The result was one of the best marketing campaign 2021¬†of the year.

The success of Airbnb’s ad campaign is no surprise. The ad features a hunter chasing a rabbit in 2019, unicorns in 2020, and a town building a bridge. The ad features a storyline conceived by children playing with Legos. With a story like this, the audience is guaranteed to be impressed. If it works, it will be a hit. For more great ideas and campaigns, check out our blog post!

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