Biohazard Cleanup

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A biohazard cleanup requires specialized training to handle the potential infectious materials that may be present. Some homeowner’s insurance policies cover this type of service, but it is important to check with your specific policy to be sure. In most cases, it is best to leave these situations to professionals who can properly disinfect and treat the scene in a sensitive and empathetic manner.

What is biohazard cleanup?

A professional biohazard cleanup company begins with a thorough analysis of the scene using an OSHA-approved process. They isolate the scene and follow cross-contamination protocols to prevent the spread of pathogens during the cleanup process.

After the initial assessment, the team will remove unsalvageable items and use EPA-approved products to clean unsafe contaminants like blood. This process includes scrubbing floors and furniture, washing walls and ceilings, and disinfecting the area. Lastly, a team member will test the scene with an ATP (adenosine triphosphate) test to verify that it is safe and sanitary.

A biohazard cleanup company should be able to provide detailed reports and testing results to their customers. They should also offer sensitivity training so that they can communicate with the family members of the victims in a way that is caring and respectful. Lastly, they should be able to answer any questions about the insurance claims process. Choosing a company with both technical expertise and soft skills will ensure that the process is handled in a timely and efficient manner.