Converting a Garage Into a Garden Room

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The Covid-19 pandemic has seen many families looking for extra living space within their homes, which has led to a rise in house extensions. However, for those that don’t want to move, there is an alternative option: converting a Garage garden room into a garden room.

How do you make a beautiful garden?

As well as providing a new, comfortable retreat, a garden room can also be used for yoga or meditation, as a home office, a study, or even a playroom for kids. But how do you convert an existing building to create a stylish, functional garden room? In this article we’ll show you how to transform your own garage into a beautiful and functional garden room that will add to the value of your property.

If you’re converting an existing building, the biggest advantage is that the concrete slab (also known as the base or foundation) will already be in place. This will save you a lot of time and money during the build. You may already have a front wall constructed from stone or brick to match your house, or a timber frame can be built and clad. Whatever material you choose to clad your garden room, make sure that you include insulation, as this will be essential for keeping the space warm and energy efficient throughout the year.

In this example, the owner Francine, painted her cladding a contemporary grey and matched it with simple board shelving for storage. She added a corrugated polycarbonate roof and glazed doors to turn this garage into an airy garden room that works as a workshop, studio and seating area. She kept it simple by adding a wood burning stove, which will be perfect for heating the space during the colder months.