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Get Flower Power

Get Flower Power

Flowers can boost your mood, reduce anxiety and help you remember the good times. They’re also an excellent way to connect with others. Studies show that those who receive flowers are more likely to establish rapport with strangers, and they’re better able to create personal connections with family and friends. Read more

Putting flowers on display can help improve your mood and reduce stress, according to a study at Rutgers University. You can do this by bringing nature indoors or planting flowers in your garden.

The calming properties of flowers can also help you focus on your tasks, according to an article in Psychology Today. In a study on hospital patients, those who stayed in rooms with flowers were less anxious and required less post-operative care.

How Flower Power Can Help Prevent Plant Disease

Seniors may be more prone to loneliness and social isolation as they age, but a fresh bouquet can encourage them to re-engage with their community. In a 2001 Rutgers study, seniors who received flowers were more likely to re-engage with members of their community and broaden their social circles.

Memory can be a challenge for seniors, but flowers can help them uncover meaningful memories and recall events that happened in their lives. Scent, in particular, has a strong connection to memory and can trigger vivid memories.

Getting flowers for your small animal companion can be a simple yet impactful gesture. This small pet herbal blend provides a tasty texture treat that rabbits and guinea pigs love, without the added chemical additives that can be found in other treats.