Hiring an Industrial Painting Contractor

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A good industrial painting contractor has a variety of experience in different settings. He will be able to provide a wide range of services including interior and exterior painting, preparation work such as sanding and taping, cleaning and removing wall coverings and wallpapering, and coating inspection. He will be able to advise the best paint for a specific job and can help with color choice and selection as well.

When hiring an industrial painter, you should look for a contractor that has the proper certifications. This includes a painting business certificate and the NACE Industrial Commercial Painting Certification. The NACE certification shows that a contractor has undergone the necessary training to be considered an expert in his field. In addition, it is important that a contractor has the right equipment for the job at hand. This means that he has a high-powered air compressor, an industrial spray booth and a variety of brushes and rollers to handle any job.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Industrial Painting Contractor

Industrial painting is often performed without the luxury of a shutdown, and this requires the contractor to be highly skilled in sustaining the durability of the facility or equipment while it continues to function. In addition, many industrial settings are subject to extreme conditions such as temperature and mechanical abuse and the paint used must be able to stand up to these elements.

An industrial painter should also be able to offer additional services like pad and screen printing; EMI/RFI and resistive coatings; flame and corona treating; art and tooling design; and machining, assembly, and warehousing. This will allow him to serve the aerospace, automotive, food, chemical, mining and waste management industries.