How Does a Diesel Chip Work?

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When it comes to increasing the power of today’s diesel engine bolting on a few parts is no longer enough. With the computer controlled nature of today’s 4×4 diesel engines, the best way to push a vehicle to new limits is by remapping or tuning the ECU. The two most popular options are a diesel performance chip or full ECU remapping.

A diesel chip australia | Willys Workshop by plugging into the factory common rail pressure sensor and altering the feedback signal so the ECU sees low common rail pressure instead of high pressure as it should. This trickles the fuel down faster allowing the injectors to feed the vehicle with more pressure resulting in more fuel being delivered to the engine for combustion. This results in more torque and horsepower and also improves the fuel economy.

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One big issue with these types of chips though is that they can cause your engine to be dumping massive amounts of black smoke back into the environment. While this may be OK if you’re driving on the racetrack for a short period of time it can be very unhealthy for your engine. Excessive levels of black smoke also raise exhaust gas temperatures to an unhealthily high level and this can damage your cylinder head, valves and turbo.

Our ECU remapping system solves this problem by also plugging into your vehicle’s map sensor and altering the boost signal to your turbo. This removes the excess fuel demand and allows the engine to run on a more efficient air/fuel ratio which prevents high EGTs, excessively hot exhaust gas temperatures and more importantly eliminates the need for the engine to dump in extra fuel.