How to Go About Printing Photos on Metal

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The printing photos onto metal | Canvas N Decor your photos on metal is a high-tech method that fuses your image directly into an aluminum sheet. This results in eye-catching wall art that is rich in color and tack sharp in detail.

Are metal prints better glossy or matte?

The dye sublimation process uses a combination of heat and pressure to fuse your photo directly into an aluminum surface. This produces a metal print that is more resistant to scratching and damage than paper prints.

It also ensures your photos aren’t vulnerable to fading like traditional paper prints, and they can last for 100 years or more with proper care.

Choosing the Right Images

The key to making sure your photos are ideal for metal printing is selecting an image that is of exceptional resolution. This will make your photos pop on the metal panel and allow them to resonate with the viewer.

Selecting the Best Finish for Your Metal Prints

We offer a variety of different finishes to suit your style and taste. Choose from a glossy white option that will give your metal print bright, saturated colors with a soft, glare-free look or a silver satin option that will create softer tones and soft metallic highlights that will accentuate your image’s luminescent qualities.

Adding Borders to Your Metal Prints

Add borders or special frames to your metal prints to personalize your artwork. Popular choices include fading, brushes, or a printed design that you can upload yourself or use the templates we offer.