Shop Front Design Guide

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Shop Front Design

A shopfront is more than just a window display that shows off your products. It’s an identity that grabs customers, draws them in and inspires them to buy. Whether you’re opening a new store or giving your existing business a facelift, there are plenty of ways to attract more shoppers. But where to start?More info:

The Shop Front Design Guide offers advice and guidance for retailers and developers on good design principles. It outlines the importance of creating attractive shopping areas and how to attract customers with a well-designed shop front that is in keeping with local heritage precedent. It is particularly relevant in the historic market towns of Suffolk, although the guidelines are applicable throughout the County.

Branding Your Business: Shop Front Design as a Marketing Tool

A well-designed shop front is important for all kinds of businesses, especially those in a high street setting. Many traditional shops are in historical districts, celebrating centuries of independent trade and craft. However, the appearance of a shop front in these areas is often subject to local enactments and historical designations that restrict the ability to redesign the front.

Nevertheless, many shop owners have found that carefully thought-out signage can draw in more customers. The use of awnings, retail displays and bespoke ironmongery can all add to the appeal. In addition, the incorporation of different tiers of signage can maximise visibility, as well as the use of backlit fabricated letters for added impact. Lastly, it is worth remembering that a shop front should also be accessible for people with disabilities, including those using wheelchairs.