Solar Panels Grants Ireland – Making the Switch to Renewable Energy Easier

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solar panels grants ireland

Solar panels grants ireland are helping to make it much easier for homeowners and businesses to make the switch to renewable energy. They are an ideal way to take control of energy costs, reduce carbon emissions and safeguard against future electricity price increases. This new support scheme will help to offset the initial investment costs, making it a more affordable option for homeowners and businesses alike. Learn more

The solar panel grant is available for households in Ireland who wish to install a solar photovoltaic (PV) system and battery energy storage system. It is worth noting that this grant can be combined with other incentives and tax credits to further reduce the cost of installing a PV system. To qualify for a solar panel grant, your home must have been built before 2011 and be your primary residence. You must also choose an installer who is SEAI registered and certified to work on homes. They will assess your home and provide you with an estimate of costs and energy savings.

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As demand for solar panels in Ireland grows, it’s no surprise that the number of applications for this government grant have more than doubled this year. In fact, they are currently at their highest level ever. This is partly due to the introduction of the 0% VAT rate on solar panels and installations which has made it significantly more competitive with other energy options. Another reason is the introduction of feed-in tariffs, which allows customers to be paid for any electricity that they export back into the grid. These rates are set by individual electricity suppliers, with Flogas and Pinergy offering the best rates to date.