The Mushroom Dispensary Delivers Marijuana To Your Doorstep

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With the launch of recreational vancouver dispensary mail order sales in Canada this week, some Canadians who live far from cannabis stores now have the option to purchase from a retailer online and have the product delivered directly to their homes. In a way, the new delivery service represents a major shift in how retail cannabis is distributed across the country.

What is Sunday goods?

Many BC-based cannabis retailers are offering the service, allowing customers to order from a store hundreds of miles away and have their product shipped to their doorsteps for a small fee. The move is also a clear attempt to combat illicit mail-order marijuana, which has proliferated since legalization began in October.

The new service will require a signature and proof of age from the person receiving the package. It will also be fully trackable, and post office workers will undergo training to ensure that packages smelling strongly of marijuana are not delivered until the odor can be controlled. It is not clear whether the service will be available to residents outside of the Vancouver area.

A longtime activist in the mushroom community is working to destigmatize psilocybin mushrooms by launching a mail-order business, called The Mushroom Dispensary out of Vancouver. He hopes to help people with medical conditions that can be treated by psilocybin mushrooms access the microdoses needed to treat those symptoms.