The Real World Tate Review

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real world tate

The real world tate  is an educational platform where you learn how to make money online from a team of experts called “Professors.” These professors are experienced individuals who earn over $1 million in profits using the methods they teach. These professors also mentor students and guide them through their business journeys.

You can access TRW via a website portal or a mobile app that’s accessible on most devices. Inside, you’ll find several “campuses” that each focus on a different area of online business. For example, you’ll learn how to generate passive income through the sale of downloadable products like videos and audio recordings. You can also earn passive income by referring new members to the site through your affiliate link.

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While there are some legitimate courses available inside the TRW, critics say many of them are misleading and exploitative. Some of the promotional content features children as young as 6 who promote the course, claiming they want to follow Tate’s example and become millionaires. Others promote a controversial, misogynistic agenda that’s designed to recruit young men into an online community and train them in the art of sex trafficking women.

While he’s been banned from social media platforms for his hate speech, Tate has a devoted following among young, disaffected males. He’s promoted an ultra-masculine lifestyle through videos showing him driving expensive sports cars and boarding private jets. His followers also see him as a role model for their own struggles with job insecurity and wealth inequality.