Top Roofing Contractors in the Atlanta Area

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Roofing is a big home improvement project that costs thousands of dollars. It is crucial to choose a top quality and trusted local roofing contractor to ensure the installation is done correctly. During the process, it is important that the roofing company communicates with you consistently and answers any questions. A reliable roofer will also give you a written estimate before starting any work.

CGS Waterproofing has been serving Roofer and commercial clients in the Atlanta area for over 10 years. It offers inspection, estimate, and replacement services, as well as repair services for shingles and tile. It also provides a tool called Shingle Roof Decider, which helps homeowners select the items and accessories that suit their style and budget. Additionally, it covers insurance and guides customers step by step through the process with the assistance of an expert.

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Douglas County Roofing is a roofing contractor in West Georgia. Its team of professionals installs and replaces metal roofs to protect properties from extreme weather conditions. In addition, it offers roof cleaning services that remove stains and caked-on dirt. The company also adds rain collars to plumbing boots and repairs seals around chimneys, skylights, and vents.

Peachtree Restorations is a roofing company that serves residential and commercial properties in the Atlanta area. Its team of experts can replace existing roofs, and provide visual upgrades to boost curb appeal. It works with homeowners to help them file insurance claims for storm damage.